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Kids Get Insane About The Lil' Doll Cradle From Kidkraft

Lil' Doll Cradle
January 18, 2014

Looking to buy a magnificent crib? Lil' Doll Cradle is a great toy crib. I am Wendy my friends just call me Wendy. My husband and I wanted to get our son a crib and my coworker thought he could well be curious about the crib Lil' Doll Cradle. You can look up the UPC barcode, aka the "Universal Product Code", using your cell phone, mine reported it as 706943601013, plus the model number is 60101.

The toy crib was introduced by Kidkraft, around December of 2006. The toy crib comes in white. The crib is 12.87″ by 21.25″ by 11.61″. It also has the weight of a flat panel monitor. My coworker in fact loved that the crib had the feature of reversible mint/lavender flutter-bye comforter, pillow, and pad is included in the set. Additional features consist of comfortably accomodates a 19 doll. It comes with a warranty of one hundred and twenty days replacement parts from Kidkraft.

Using the web you can get a great deal of sources and details to guide you to make a good purchase.

This crib is not a very well known item online although the review articles it does have are fantastic. Today's lowest price tag I could find on the Lil' Doll Cradle is $24.97. Cheapest price Lil' Doll Cradle. If you want a great deal on this toy crib for your girls, click on the add to shopping cart button on this page.

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