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11 Inch Pee Wees From Pillow Pets

Pillow Pets 11 Inch Pee Wees - Rexy T-rex
March 2, 2014

The 11 Inch Pee Wees made by Pillow Pets is a great solution for your kids. For a little bit now my youngest daughter has been boasting about her new 11 Inch Pee Wees, here is my evaluation. My ipad app reportated that the barcode is 735541007118. I was able to do some research on it as compared to similar Pillow Pets for her kids.

Today, you can get different items in the convenience of your house.

Pillow Pets started shipping this Pillow Pet in July of 2013. It's more or less the size as a lunch box and it weighs only 1 lbs.

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The actual lowest price tag I can discover for the 11 Inch Pee Wees is close to $3.99, but I know where the actual best price is. For more information on this pillow, check out our affilate add to cart button below.

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