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Pugsly The Pug Dog

Ty Beanie Babies - Pugsly The Pug Dog
December 18, 2013

The Pugsly The Pug Dog is the right product for the kids. It is time to publish a guide when my dad emails me how awesome something like the Pugsly The Pug Dog is. I had the items specific features with a look up on the model number, 4106.

Pugsly The Pug Dog is definitely a type of top quality Beanie baby you can find on the internet. Should you be thinking about purchasing this doll, you have come to the best place. We offer you exclusive discounted rates with this fantastic Beanie baby with secure purchase.

The manufacturer Ty launched this Beanie baby sometime in 2013. The toy takes about the same area as a wine bottle. A summary of features are never played with, smoke free and mint condition with all mint tags.

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The latest lowest amount for this toy is close to $1.67, however this is simply not always accurate. To get the best price for this product and various other Beanie babies, click on the market link below.

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